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The Vampire Diaries - Bite Back Trailer

Why did I think watching teen wolf 3x23 a second time was a good idea?


Orphan Black in Goldenrod

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This plan is stupid and we’re going to die.

Why nobody told me the season 3 of teen wolf was THIS GOOD?

I don’t have a temper.

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get to know me meme[5/10 female characters]

↳ Alex Vause

Heroin was the best girlfriend I ever had. She always made me feel better and she was always available. But even the best girlfriend will fuck you over, you know?

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I just watched like 228265307 episodes of teen wolf



somebody please draw cat ears on a picture of tatiana maslany and send it to her



(has anyone done this yet?)

What do I think love is?

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Ari and Jordan react to Tat as Helena on set. (x)